Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On my way to my 3rd month.

I did manage to squeeze 2 hot oil treatments in last month :]

Most of my layers grew out. I am still kind of amazed by my hair growth. It's growing out too fast. I barely had a month to enjoy the chinlengthness.

I never did notice how fast it grew because it was ALWAYS damaged in some way and most of my length consisted of dreads/curls/split ends. I wanted longer hair so I never got the trims since I'll lose inches.

I didn't think trims were that important until I started losing my length xP

I'll assume I'll still be in that awkward growing out stage for at least 3 more months. :|
So will try different ways to style. I am STILL on the hunt for new things.

^I only pin curled my bangs slightly.

I haven't had bangs chin length in over 5 years.. I'm close!

But this time.. healthy.

I like to track my growth. Usually I feel like my hair *never grows*


  1. congrats. I'm sure now you'll continue to keep your hair nice and healthy!! :)

  2. That's great only a few people have such healthy and nice hair :).