Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pin curls tonight. Outcome tomorrow?!

I tried to wait at least a week before using a shampoo. I hate washing my hair for the first time after dyeing. It seems to strip out so much color

it has been growing-- super fast. I LOVE THIS. I never thought it would be touching my shoulders so quickly.

i adore short hair, i think it's sexy.

Not so much on me. Too much damage has been made and I'm only thinking about WHEN I'll have my desired length. I'll like to keep that mindset. But the first time I ran my fingers through my hair.. I met sleek. I was happy since I was usually cut off by massive knots

pin curls tonight. this is my first. i am scared of the outcome.
i had to redo some and i do like it so far..

hmm. yeah, no poofball please!

I had to dig up bobbies and clips. Used ALL of 'em. So I'm buying a pack soon.

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