Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 1: Co-wash & Home-made hot oil treatment

Today I am starting co-washing.
I used White Rain (no sulfates, -cones or protein)

Used a t-shirt to wrap my hair up in for 20 mins. Nice little waves! :D

I've done no shampoo for weeks before:

  • It's easy to style.
  • It gets oily (not greasy)
  • Thus, no more thirsty hair
  • No more dry, itchy scalp
  • No more frizz

Of course I'm going to look into a light shampoo for CGs.

Tonight, I am going to bed with a homemade hot oil treatment. I poured some extra virgin olive oil into a bowl and mixed some of my conditioner in it. Put it in the microwave for 10 seconds to be safe. I don't want burn my fingers lol I am putting it on dry hair. Am i doing it right? LOL

Well, I've put my hair up into 2 sections. Tiny hairtie for the back and a scrunchie for the rest & top. I wrapped and pinned a grocery bag on my head to keep clean!

I don't expect my hair to get curls because my hair type falls into type 2 at a certain length. It's more wavy than anything but it's too short right now to expect much. I'll rather get into the habit now :)

No more heat for me!

I've also heard about Nature's Gate,VO5, Jessicurl & Suave Naturals.
I am only familiar with VO5.

My hair first chopped (month ago)


baby waves XD

CG method GO GO GO

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