Friday, July 8, 2011

CG method/Perfect for dyed hair

Why? when I was 3, I had curly hair until I got my hands on scissors. Ever since I’ve had half-ass curls and years worth of dyes and perms. Cut most of my hair off.

Wavy & curly hair need extra moisture. Sulfates just strip your hair of oils. A common sulfate is Sodium Laureth which is in dish washing liquid.

Co-wash: wash with sulfate-free conditioner only.
I personally don’t use silicone either. Anything ending with -cone.

Put a large amount of conditioner all over your hair, scrunch it up and rinse. While your hair is dripping wet, put some conditioner or curl cream in your hair (scrunch again) and wrap it up in a T-shirt or towel. Generally, you’ll need to leave in a little extra product if you decide to wrap it because your hair will soak it up! :)

If you use silicone-based products, you’ll have product build up on the hair shaft which requires clarification. Either use a cheap clairifying shampoo or look into a baking soda AND apple cider vinegar -rinse!

Transitioning can take up to a few weeks or months. For me my hair got oily, limp and had a little of shrinkage (tighter, more defined curls) but in time.. no greasy feel or dandruff.



Cut & Day 1:

Day 2

Day 3

Month or so

2 months

March 2011


Depending on the way my hair dries (big messy bun, wrapped, or tight braids):


Red since March, dyed once.

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